JCS Lung & Sleep Centre : A7 Madhuban (Preet Vihar) Vikas Marg New Delhi - 110 092

Department of Sleep Medicine: The first sleep center in India was established in the year 1990 by Dr. J.C. Suri, hence introducing the field of clinical sleep medicine in the country.

We have the most experienced team in the management of sleep disorders in India. We have a multispecialty comprehensive program dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in children and adults.

Sleep Medicine

The Department is comprised of specialists in pulmonary medicine, ENT surgery, Dental surgery, Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Neurology, and pediatrics to provide holistic, multi-disciplinary care to patients suffering from sleep disorders. These include:

Sleep Disorder breathing program:

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – OSA is a major public health problem and affects around 5% of men and 2% of women in India. It presents as snoring and excessive daytime sleeping, resulting in sleep disturbance, impaired quality of life and daytime functioning and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases including heart attack and stroke.
  • Central Sleep Apnea and Cheyne Stokes Breathing
  • Hypoventilation disorders

Insomnia Program:
The adverse effects of sleep deprivation are well recognized and include impaired performance, and increased risk for several illnesses. Our team will help you find a cause for inability to sleep and help you overcome the same.

Sleep walking, sleep talking, bedwetting and several other related behavioral disorders are dealt with in our parasomnia program.

This is a condition characterized by sleep attacks, wherein brief spells of sleep intrude into a person’s daytime activities and hence impede on social and professional activities. We provide diagnostic services and offer the latest therapeutic modalities for this condition.

Pediatric sleep disorder program:
Sleep disorders in children can lead to impaired school performance and adverse long-term cognitive and health effects. If your child suffers from insomnia, night terrors, nightmares, snoring or other sleep disturbances then we provide the necessary remedial measures to help your child achieve her/his potential.

Restless leg syndrome:
It is a common cause for sleeplessness characterized by an irresistible urge to move the legs. We provide evidence-based solutions for restless leg syndrome.

Circadian rhythm disorders:
These include defects of the body clock. Delayed sleep phase syndrome is commonly observed in the young and is characterized by late-night bedtimes and inability to get up early. This leads to sleep deprivation owing to early school and office timings. Advanced sleep phase syndrome affects the elderly and is characterized by early sleep-times which interfere with evening social activities and early morning awakenings. With increasing globalization and cross-continent air travel, jet lag is affecting more people than ever before. We offer help for these conditions to enable optimal functioning at work, school and social functions.


Sleep Studies:
We offer both in-lab technician attended polysomnography (PSG) with positive airway pressure (PAP) titration and portable (home-based) sleep studies for patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. We also provide in-lab sleep studies such as video-PSG for parasomnias and multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) for diagnosis of narcolepsy.