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Prevention, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Among men, lung cancer stands as the most prevalent form of cancer. The primary contributing factor to lung cancer is smoking and the consumption of tobacco in various forms. Unfortunately, lax enforcement of laws prohibiting smoking in public places has resulted in high rates of secondhand smoke, further burdening non-smokers with the risk of developing lung cancer. Alarmingly, the prevalence of lung cancer is also increasing among non-smokers, particularly females, although the exact reasons for this trend remain unclear. Moreover, the escalating levels of air pollution in most major cities in India are exacerbating the problem.

Another significant challenge in the field of lung cancer is the delayed presentation of patients to specialists, where a definitive diagnosis can be established. Often, these patients are mistakenly treated for chronic cough with cough syrups or misdiagnosed and treated for tuberculosis, leading to a loss of valuable time and delays in the proper diagnosis.

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