JCS Lung & Sleep Centre : A7 Madhuban (Preet Vihar) Vikas Marg New Delhi - 110 092

34 years of experience in pulmonology

Academics, Training and Research Division - With Professor J.C. Suri, a “teacher of the teachers” at the helm with over 34 years of experience in teaching and his team of DM trained pulmonologists, our mission is to improve the standards of education in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine in India.


In order to achieve this, we plan to start a DNB degree course in Pulmonary Medicine and an FNB course in Critical Care Medicine. We aim to provide IDCCM – course in critical care medicine, FSM – fellowship in sleep medicine and critical care nursing, and polysomnography technician training programs.

In addition, we plan to conduct certificate courses for physicians in sleep medicine, asthma, and COPD. We also intend to conduct certificate courses for technologists in polysomnography and pulmonary function tests.